Back pains, or aches is extremely common and most people will experience some form of it in their lifetime. The way in which you use your back can determine whether or not you will have to live with back pain. Experts believe that the more stationary people are the more likely they are to experience back pains. Sitting in a car on a long commute to work and then spending your day at a desk can increase the likelihood of having pains. Overly strenuous activities like gardening, bending, or heavy lifting can cause back ache as well. With the right approach, basic back ache can be avoided.

Back ache occurs when vertebrae become misaligned and pinch the nerves of your spinal cord. You may also experience pain if the back muscles get torn, or the discs, which act as shock absorbers, rupture. The lowest part of the back is most vulnerable to injury because it supports the weight of the upper body as well as it being twisted and bent more than any other part of the body.